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As Sava Group, we operate in leather, medical textile, chemistry and paper group sectors. Within the Sava Group, our brands operate as Derisa, Chemsa, Papsa, Medsa and Savamed.

We started our commercial activities in the leather sector in 1969 and continue our entrepreneurial activities in different sectors without reducing our energy from generation to generation. The primary goals of our company, which has been operating in the free zone for years, are customer satisfaction and our sustainable commercial understanding.

We have strong connections with many countries of the world, especially Middle East Africa, Europe and Scandinavian countries.

As Chemsa, we have an average daily production of 400 tons for market type and 250 tons for industrial type.
As Papsa, we have a daily production capacity of 250 tons in the paper group.
As Derisa, we are engaged in commercial activities with raw, pickle and wet-blue. We have a monthly capacity of 45,000 pickle & wet-blue sheep skin, 25,000 pickle & wet-blue goat skin, 350 tons raw cattle hide.
As Medsa and Savamed, we have a daily production capacity of 750,000 disposable masks, 250,000 FFP2, FFP3 (filter, non-filter) 250,000 nylon cap and various medical products in the medical sector.